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EEHA inspections

We provide our clients with a comprehensive variety of services related to hazardous areas in the field of electrical systems, covering installation, upkeep, inspections, design evaluations of electrical equipment, and hazardous area sorting in addition to data construction support and maintenance. In the Australasia Oil & Gas industry, as well as in a variety of industrial settings, including mining, distillers, and pharmaceuticals, we have extensive experience building and servicing hazardous area electrical systems in both upstream and downstream facilities. Our geographical experience extends from the northern regions of China, into Northern Europe, North America, Italy, and South East Asia. By creating and implementing a competence management system on best practices in the industry, we guarantee that the workers it provides to the industry are qualified for the tasks in question. This ensures that every employee we choose is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in the particular field that they work in. About expertise, competency, and experience, our Supervisory Electrical Inspectors surpass clients’ expectations by going above and beyond the EEHA requirements while leading teams. To comply with the most recent industry regulations and requirements, we provide practical, economical solutions. Building long-lasting relationships and keeping contracts with our clients has been made possible by our proven track record of safely and dependably completing projects.

Upkeep and inspections of EEHA equipment 

A wide range of services for the EEHA inspections and maintenance of Ex equipment in hazardous environments are offered to customers by us, thanks to our highly skilled and experienced team of Project Managers, Inspectors, and Technicians. All of our hazardous area auditors inspectors and electricians have had extensive training on Ex equipment and are fully qualified under AS/NZS. A few of them also hold dual accreditations with Compex approval and IECEx certification. With regular, thorough data provided to the customer, we are able to oversee, maintain, and replace any Ex equipment contained inside an asset. Our knowledge of hazardous areas is extensive. Our highly qualified employees and hazardous area auditors, who specialize in hazardous area standards, can carry out a wide range of tasks that will help you in keeping to the relevant equipment standards, and other Australian and global standards. Because of the complex nature of hazardous area requirements, please get in touch with us if you need help with comprehending and applying them for your installation site or equipment.

EEHA Enquiries 

The pertinent Australian acts, standards, and regulations must be well understood by skilled hazardous area auditors. Our electricians and installation auditors for hazardous environments are well-versed in the unique design and installation specifications needed for electrical installations in these types of locations. Our hazardous area installation auditors are equipped with the necessary training, expertise, and infrastructure to help you, the customer, regardless of your demands. We are accredited in the design, grouping, eeha inspections, and service of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.For more details and contact information please visit our website

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