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4 Basic Interior Decorating Ideas That Anyone Can Follow

We all gawk at the wonderful homes in magazines wishing that we could do the same. Most of those are done by professional interior designers and for most, it\’s not in them to decorate. However, there are some basic ideas that anyone can follow to add that extra something to a living space. Read on and find out what they are. The main rule to remember is that this is your home so trust your instinct.

Pops of Colour

Most homes have a monochromatic and dull colour pallet. Adding a few pops of colour can easily elevate any space visually. Throw pillows, plants, wall art are a few things you can add to any room to add a pop of colour. Not only will this break the colour scheme, it will add something for the eye to focus on creating visual interest. However, when choosing colours to stick to a maximum of four main colours to a room, anything more than that will look childish and messy. Make sure to repeat the colours in more than one place so it creates a theme.


If you feel that the monochromatic look pleases you add some interest by introducing textures to your space. Items such as granite Melbourne, burlap, leather are good options when it comes to adding texture with a touch of sophistication. Curtains, rugs and table tops are good places to add these as it creates a subtle but strong effect.

Feature Items

Stone walls Melbourneindoors, a vibrantly coloured painting in a monochromatic room are good examples of feature items. These are items or parts of the room that are meant to stand out and grab attention. These are what will make people go, \”Wow\” when seeing a room. You can make these features as simple or elaborate as you like. Choosing a strong colour that contrasts with the rest of the room are a good point to start at.

Empty Spaces

Clutter tends to bring down the visual appeal of a space. Try to have open, empty spaces as much as you can. This will help the mind feel relaxed and will make a home more comfortable. This has the added benefit of making the home easy to clean as sell things mean less surface for dust to cling onto. Interior design can be a fun way to add some interest and beauty to your living space. It can be complicated at times but when sticking to the basics and following your instinct it\’s hard to go wrong.

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