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Rise Up For Your Rights

The two levels of victimization
In the past women were victimized on two levels. Firstly, they were the victims of atrocious and despicable crimes. They were considered weaklings and were denied the respect that was due to them. they were seen as chattels to be owned by men. They were viewed as they property of a man along with the household goods and cattle he owned. On a second level, the woman was the victim of severe social stigma if she had the temerity to voice her opposition against the injustice that was being perpetrated against her. Thus, a woman was expected to suffer in silence and any attempt to fight for their rights was immediately squashed and nipped in the bud.
Say no to the stigma
Even today, in many parts of the world, victims of rape and harassment are ashamed to approach those in authority to lodge a complaint or to bring the perpetrators to justice. They are considered as immoral women or as those who are defiled and soiled. They are expected to bear their grief and remorse in silence. They are not allowed to rise up again those who oppress and exploit them. Women who are the victims of rape and harassment are reluctant to approach a criminal lawyer at Campbelltown and to take the necessary action to bring the perpetrators to justice.
Create necessary awareness where needed
Thus, it is very important to create awareness in this respect. It is of paramount importance that both men and women are reminded that women are equal stakeholders in society who are to be respected and honoured and not used as chattels or goods to be used and discarded. It is important that victims of rape and harassment are encouraged to approach the police and sexual assault lawyer in order to ensure that the perpetrators of these atrocious crimes are brought to justice and are not allowed to get away scot free.
Make sure that the first step is taken
The stigma attached to those who have been the victims of rape and harassment can only be removed by creating awareness in this respect. They should be shown that they are entitled to their rights and bodily integrity. Drink driving lawyers Fairfield should be told that suffering in silence is not the right way to handle matters. Once a segment of society rises above the fear of stigma and takes the necessary measures to speak up against these atrocities, the others will follow suit. They will realize that they should boldly lay claim to their rights. Thus, it is not merely enough to increase the gravity of the punishment against rapists. It is also important that the victims are empowered to boldly claim their rights.

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